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Licensing depends if your PTC is with or without an electronic serial number!

Read more about the serial number!

Units with electronic serial number:

  • PTC-IIusb
  • PTC-IIex
  • PTC-IIpro
  • PTC-IIe manufactured from 2002


Units without electronic serial number:

  • PTC-II
  • PTC-IIe manufactured before 2002

These units have to be upgraded with an electronic serial number before can obtain a license!

What is the advantage having a unit with an electronic serial number.

Silicon serial number

All PTC-IIe produced from January 2002 and all PTC-IIpro, PTC-IIex and PTC-IIusb have an electronic serial number device.

If you own a PTC-II or a PTC-IIe manufactured before 2002 it is possible to upgrade the unit with an electronic serial number.

You can easily check if your unit has a electronic serial number:

Look at the bottom of your PTC. If there is a label like this

Serial number label

your unit has a electronic serial number. The part marked with a red box is the required part for getting a valid license.


Units upgraded with an elecetronic serial number don't have the serial number label!

Or you can check if there is a electronic serial number by software! Simply enter the command sys sern and press the Enter key. If the PTC has a electronic serial number it responds with the serial number!

Every PTC-IIusb, PTC-IIpro and PTC-IIex should have a serial number label and should respond to the sys sern command with the serial number!

The easiest way for licensing the professional firmware features for a PTC with an electronic serial number is to read out the serial number with the sys sern command and copy-and-paste it into the serial number field of the order form.

Note: the serial number is always 16 characters long!

Serial number upgrade

For all PTC-II and PTC-IIe manufactured before 2002!

The electronic serial number is useful only in conjunction with the SCS professional firmware features!

Maybe you have read it already: you have to obtain a license for a permanent use of the SCS professional firmware features.

This license is generated from the electronic serial number.


Because the license is generated from the electronic serial number you can use any call sign you like! That's the right choice for the travellers among you! If you travel a lot or you like to share your station with some friends and let them use their own call signs then it's a pretty good idea to have a PTC with an electronic serial number!

How to get the upgrade:

Because the upgrade needs some hardware modification of the PTC you have to return the unit to one of our dealers or directly to SCS.